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Today I propose to continue our tour of thematically classified distributions by addressing those dedicated to artists. There is a quantity of free and open-source software specialized in audio, video production, graphics or 3D modeling, you certainly already know some of them but installing them one by one on your favorite distribution can be tedious. Some developers have therefore thought of you by including its software in specialized distributions, here are a few of them. Be careful though, some distributions are only maintained by a small number of people (often only one), so they are fragile and their development can stop at any time.


Let’s start with a cock-a-doodle-doo, 0linux is a French distribution and is not based on any other distribution. Optimized for multimedia, it contains a wide variety of software dedicated to audio, video or graphic production.

Download 0linux


This Nantes-based distribution has a large number of tools for audio, video and graphic production while seeking to have the simplest possible administration. Apodio can run from a live CD or USB key, can be quickly installed on a hard disk and is based on Ubuntu.

Download Apodio

AV Linux

Based on Debian with an XFCE desktop environment, AV Linux aims to turn your old computer into an audio/video workstation. This distribution is probably one of the most complete distributions in this field since it is installed (among others): Ardour , Audacity, Blender, Cinelerra, Handbrake, Hydrogen, Kdenlive, LinuxDSP (demo), LMMS , Mixbus (demo), MuseScore, OpenShot, Renoïse (demo) and VLC Media Player.

Download AV Linux

Fedora Design Suite

Fedora Design Suite has been created by designers, for designers with all the favorite tools of the Fedora designers’ team, you will find all the software used for all the artistic creations you can see in the Fedora project.

Download Fedora Design Suite


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